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We showed the video yesterday at our partner meeting and I can say that it was very well received. Thank you for an outstanding video!

Thomas WalbertProgram Manager, Health Hub Vienna

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Video credits: Sandra Noll, Tamás Künsztler

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With the concept ready before your event, we work our magic to bring your video to life.

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Grow your sales by showcasing your partners, participants, and the overall experience of your event.

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We are committed to delivering you a video you will love and share with pride with your network and stakeholders or we’ll give you your money back! Check the FAQs for all the details.

Straightforward Pricing

Covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You worked hard to deliver a successful event, that is why we make sure our imagefilms live up to your expectations.

Music Only


Per Video
  • 1 Person filming 1 day event
  • Video cutting and editing aligned with the music
  • Color correction
  • Copyright-FREE song
  • Animated text inserts
  • 2 Video Reviews
  • Ready for social media
  • 2 weeks delivery

With Interviews


Per Video
  • 1 Person filming 1 day event
  • Video cutting and editing
  • Color correction
  • Copyright-FREE song
  • Animated name inserts
  • 2 video reviews
  • Ready for social media
  • 2 weeks delivery
  • Voice over and/or interviews
  • Audio correction

Video Editing


Per Video
  • Video cutting and editing
  • Color correction
  • Copyright-FREE song
  • Animated name inserts
  • 2 video reviews
  • Ready for social media
  • 2 weeks delivery
  • Voice over and/or interviews
  • Audio correction

*Prices do not include VAT nor travel related expenses outside of Vienna.

Do you have different needs?

Whether you want to record the speakers’ sessions or your conference is 3 days long and several stages, not a problem, we can help you out.

More info below at our Frequently Asked Questions

If you have particular needs or questions regarding the service, scroll below to our FAQs, chances are you will find the info you need there.

From Vienna With Love

Based in Vienna, we are a European team of creatives, passionate about bringing your stories to life in the highest quality way.

We believe we can help your event grow by producing imagefilms that make it easier to sale tickets and sponsorships:

  1. Save time, money, and all the stress by working with professionals.
  2. We adapt to your needs and budget.
  3. We’ll make sure you love it!

Great Imagefilms Sell More

Show people why they must be part of your event.

What exactly is Videlin?

Based in Vienna, we are a family of creatives spread around Europe who are passionate about transforming regular video projects into exciting stories that move people.

How does the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee work?

If at the end of the 2 video reviews you are still not satisfied with the video, we will add 3 more video reviews.

If at the end of the 5th video review you are truly not satisfied with the video, we will transfer you back 100% of the fee you paid for projects under a total of 1.500 Euro.

Traveling related expenses are not returned

The 100% Satisfaction Guarantee DOES NOT APPLY when:

  • You change your mind during the filming process. For example, if we previously agreed on a concept and you make considerable changes during the filming day.
  • You change your mind through the editing process. For example, you want a new type of video or change the goals.
  • You cancel the production before the 5th review.
  • You don’t provide us with useful input during the review process to adapt the video.

What are all the services Videlin provides?

  • Production of imagefilms
  • Video editing.
  • Recording and editing of speaker’s sessions.
  • Event Photography.

Event live streaming campaigns are delivered through our partner company BSEEN LIVE

What happens with the footage filmed?

Both the videographer and Videlin own the footage filmed. If you like, you can buy all the material from us to use it to make other videos or projects.

What if I have the footage and I just need somebody to edit it for me?

Not a problem, we can edit it for you.

Just click here and select the Green Column.

Do you only produce imagefilms in Vienna?

Not only, we can travel wherever your projects are.

Just keep in mind that travel-related expenses are not included in the prices quoted above. This means mainly transportation and accommodation but, also meals and other unexpected related expenses to the trip.

How long does it take to produce a video?

Less than 2 weeks.

It depends on how fast you can provide us your feedback during the reviews, but our workflow is designed to be finished with the project within 2 weeks after collecting all the footage.

How is the music selected?

After collecting all the necessary information, we will select 3 songs that we believe fit the most to the concept you are looking for.

We will send you these 3 songs before the event for you to chose from. This way we already have the music selected by the time we start filming.

In case you don’t like any of the 3 songs we preselect for you, we simply preselect 3 more until we find the one that fits the best!

Do you have more questions?

If you still would like to know more about our services, feel free to contact us by clicking the button below.