When it comes to video marketing, you have two choices, either not doing anything or giving it a try.

Now, we both know that in today’s world, not doing video will hurt your reach, engagement, and overall, sales.

So I’m going to assume you have already tried or are currently running video marketing campaigns.

The Current Video Marketing Status

Depending on your budget, you either, option A) create video content by yourself, option B) hire a person (or a couple) to join your team, or option C) by get a freelancer to do it for you.

Clear problem with option A, who has the time for it? You are already overworked and with enough on your plate. Chances are, you end up doing a video here and there without achieving sustainable results.

Option B is definitely expensive and time-consuming because now you need to recruit and train a person, who in the end, may not fit your organization.

And as for C, it may seem cheaper than hiring a person but, since you are limited and charged on every little thing, you will constrain yourself on the number of videos you create in an attempt to keep costs down.

Not to mention that at the end of the day, freelancers are not focusing on helping you build your brand but, rather drive project turn over.

Introducing Videlin

Videlin was born from our struggle to create consistent video content to promote blog posts on social media.

After trying many different tools, we realized that at the end of the day, it didn’t matter how easy the editing process is, you still need to plan the time to sit down and put the video together.

As we set out to solve this problem for ourselves and we soon discovered we were not the only ones stuck in the same situation.

All we needed to do was answer a simple question.

What is the simplest way we can make video creation while keeping it affordable?

How Videlin Works

As easy as 1, 2, 3,

  1. Select the written content you want us to use
  2. Send us the link and tell us the format you want for your video
  3. Within 2 business days, you’ll get a ready-to-post video

Want changes or a second video? Not a problem, you have unlimited video requests and unlimited changes included in your plan so no need to worry about skyrocketing costs.

We simply allocate a Videlin Editor to you and this rockstar hybrid of an editor with storyteller and copywriter will dedicate to know your business and help you grow your brand.

Do you feel your editor doesn’t really match what are looking for? Not a problem, we just allocate you a new Videlin Editor.

Do your needs happen to change? Cancel anytime and keep any videos we have done for you.

The Biggest Value

Videlin makes it easy for us to push video content out consistently without having to hire an editor or spend money on expensive tools.

Pooja Ahluwalia, CMO at BotBase

Saving time, money, and peace of mind.

Just do the math, 1 hour to edit a video per blog post, with 2 videos a week, that’s easily 8 hours a month not including the price of the editing tool, plus the stress of reminding yourself to put the video together.

Your strategic role should focus on things more impactful than editing videos.

Try Videlin now for 2 weeks for free, it doesn’t work for you, our 100% satisfaction guarantee has you covered.

Simply cancel no questions asks and you even get to keep all the videos we produce for you.


Juan Guerra

Juan Guerra

Founder of Videlin, Juan is passionate about helping businesses communicate in a more effective and persuasive way.